Ladies Sombra Camouflage Jacket

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Product Overview

The Fit
Leto Apparel designed exclusively for the smaller framed athletic women.
Vice President (Krista) of Riflecaddy was challeneged finding clothes that fit. All to big in the waiste, to long in the legs, to baggy in the behind and just plain unconfortable for extended days of wear in the mountains.
We learned during our designing process, that the manufactures of mountaineering clothing were scaling down exisiting mens sizing charts to fit women.
This is where our challange began, trying to explain to the manufacture that the available ladies clothes do not fit smaller athletic women.
We wanted something that fit snug yet comfortable .
We proceeded to discuss the sizes that we were were aimig to build.
Large size 6-8
Medium size 3-6
Small size 0-3

As a athletic women I needed something that fit snug with enough stretch for adequate movement.Having the warmth, storage and water resistant without the noise.
Leto is built with a low rise waist , 4 way stretch technology, blended with a ripstop polyester.
This is the perfect blend of water repelancy, noise reduction, durablity and the right amount of stretch.
This was no easy task ,this took us over 1.5 years to achieve these properties.
Our fabric has a Ripstop polyester stretch face / laminated to a water proof membrame, that is laminated to a 240 gram checked fleece for added warmth.

we​ engineered our design around a storage system
We belief your jacket and pants should act as your backpack.
This being said we have 14 pockets on our jacket and 8 on our pants

We added an extended tail to the back of jacket to protect the small of your back ,when on extended sit in the cold .
We opted for solid lined pockets rather than typical mess to avoid items from snagging inside the pockets
Jackets have a hood with re-enforced brim , draw string and face gaurd .
Jackets have extended breather under both arms
Jackets and Pants have reenfoced padded knees and elbows
Jackets have 2 pockets on each arm, 2 waiste pockets, 2 chest pockets, 2 inside pockets
Pants have built in gators .
Pants have breathers on the inside of the thigh rather than on the outside for quicker ventilation .
Pants have 2 large pockets on each leg 2 waiste pockets and 2 rear pockets 8 in total.
All pockets are water proof zippers.
jackets and pants have articulated elbows and knees .


(No reviews yet) Write a Review